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MS ISA Curriculum Checklist

All concentration information effective for students admitted Fall 2014 or after.
Change log:
2016-06-08: Change internal audit number to MGMT 553 and adjust core hours to 9 (remove MGMT 533).
2016-03-17: Add MGMT 644 and MGMT 645 to Technology group.

The MS-ISA is a specialized graduate degree for students with an undergraduate background in information systems, information technology, computer science, computer-related engineering, or accounting. The program is 32-credit hours and includes a mix of management and technical courses tailored to specific student experience, background, and career goals. Students enrolled in this program will gain technical and managerial practice that prepares graduates for a wide variety of competitive jobs in the local and national markets.

Once admitted to this program, students work with a faculty advisor to develop a formal plan of study. The plan includes courses from 3 different categories: Core Group, Management Group, and Technology Group. Courses are selected to build on the student's undergraduate degree and work experience and to match technology and management skills with the student's intended career path. Plan of study approvals will be granted by a designated faculty advisor or committee. A variety of courses are offered in the following areas of technical emphasis (see full course listing below):

  • Data Analytics (Big Data)
  • Database Management and Data Warehousing
  • Fraud, White Collar Crime, and Digital & Financial Forensics
  • Information System Acquisition, Development and Management
  • System & Network Administration and Security

MS-ISA program graduates fill market needs for highly-trained professionals in information systems and information assurance. There is a strong demand for graduates with a professionally-oriented Master's degree that combines technical and managerial content related to information systems and information assurance. National estimates show faster than average growth in job categories targeted by the MS-ISA program:

  • Database administrators
  • Forensic technology
  • Fraud investigation
  • Information security analysts
  • Information system managers
  • Software developers
  • System and network administrators

Students are encouraged to work closely with the faculty advisor to learn about opportunities in this program, course selection, career prospects, and available scholarships. Students admitted to the MS-ISA program may also apply for the UNM Information Assurance Scholarship for Service Program (

The MS ISA consists of a Core Group - 9 credit hours, a Management Group - 12 credit hours and a Technology Group - 9 credit hour minimum courses at the graduate level.

Students in the MS-ISA program will complete core group requirement and may select from the following required Management Group and Technology Group courses provided they have not taken the undergraduate equivalent. Please keep in mind the minimum and maximum coursework guidelines for your selection.


Required Core Group

  • MGMT 631 - Project Management
  • MGMT 636 - IS Security
  • MGMT 637 - Database Management

Courses may be waived based on similar undergraduate/graduate courses or experience. Students who are granted waivers will complete additional courses in the technology group.

Management Group Coursework

Required 12 credit hours minimum.

  • MGMT 502 - Financial Accounting
  • MGMT 503 - Managerial Accounting
  • MGMT 506 - Organizational Behavior
  • MGMT 508 - Law/Ethics
  • MGMT 520 - Operations Management
  • MGMT 522 - Marketing
  • MGMT 526 - Finance
  • MGMT 633 - Vendor & Contract Management

Up to 12 credit hours may be waived based on similar undergraduate/graduate courses or experience. Students who are granted waivers will complete additional courses in the technology group.

Technology Group Coursework

Required 9 credit hours minimum.

  • MGMT 553 - Internal Auditing
  • MGMT 630 - Management of Information Systems
  • MGMT 632 - Web Application Development
  • MGMT 634 - System Analysis and Design
  • MGMT 635 - Data analytics
  • MGMT 638 - Advanced Database Management
  • MGMT 639 - Advanced IS/IA topics
  • MGMT 641 - Forensic Accounting
  • MGMT 642 - Fraud Examination
  • MGMT 644 - Data Warehousing
  • MGMT 645 - Data & Text Mining
  • MGMT 646 - Digital Forensics
  • MGMT 647 - System and Network Administration
  • MGMT 648 - Advanced IA Security
  • MGMT 649 - IA Projects
  • MGMT 599 - (Thesis)

Computer science and engineering courses (CS 544, CS 565, CS 581, ECE 595, and other graduate-level CS and ECE courses with advance approval), and problems, special topics, or internship courses (MGMT 551, 552, 594, and 697) will be evaluated case by case.

See MS ISA Program Director for changes or questions.

MS ISA Faculty Advisor

Ranjit Bose